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Don't Rely on Only Friends to Keep Your Salon Afloat

When I decided to open my own salon and spa, I had so many friends excited to try my services that I didn't think I needed to invest in marketing. Those friends did come in frequently, but their business turned out to just not be enough to keep my bills paid. I then remembered that before I began as a hairdresser, I drove many miles to see my favorite hair-stylist that I loved. That made me realize that I needed to advertise not just locally, but throughout the entire region. I drove an hour to my favorite hair-stylist, so why wouldn't my customers? I held a great "new customer discount", and soon those new customers from neighboring cities became regular customers once they realized how much they loved my technique. I created this blog to help other struggling business owners. I hope you can learn from my experiences!


Don't Rely on Only Friends to Keep Your Salon Afloat

A Guide To Your Business Analytics

by Denise Watkins

When it comes to getting the most out of your business, you will need to know how to assess data and take actionable steps with it. You can do this by understanding the advantages of data science software, finding a company that can provide it for you, and looking into bringing in a data analytics professional. To learn more about what these services can do for you, read on and employ this information. 

#1: Learn why data science software is so necessary

No matter what kind of business you run, data science software provides you with the business analytics that you need to take your company to the next level. You can purchase a license for this software and use it in order to learn as much as you can about your company deficiencies, along with some strategies for overcoming them. Whenever you utilize the data design software, the program will lay out the playing field that you are operating on, in addition to actionable steps that you can take to make your business more efficient overall. This software also gives you quick answers to pressing problems and allows you to better personalize your sales approaches for success and a return on your investment.

#2: Decide on the type of software platform that you need

When you are looking to get the most out of your software analytics, it will come down to the platform that you decide upon. Look into the reputation of the company that provides the software system and also seek referrals from companies that have used their platform before. In addition to the overall cost of the software, you will need to consider factors such as overall performance, scalability, user interface, the ability for collaboration and the consistency of software upgrades.

#3: Bring in a data analytics professional

Software is one thing, but you will also need to consider getting a personal touch to make sense of your analytics. To do this, you should bring in a business analytics professional. These professionals can create presentations that make sense of your analytics in a visual way. They will help you to come up with marketing plans, assess the trends and changes of the overall market and help you to tweak your pricing models and sales strategies for more success. You can hire these professionals on an hour by hour basis or on retainer.

Think about these tips to make the most out of your analytic strategies.