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Don't Rely on Only Friends to Keep Your Salon Afloat

When I decided to open my own salon and spa, I had so many friends excited to try my services that I didn't think I needed to invest in marketing. Those friends did come in frequently, but their business turned out to just not be enough to keep my bills paid. I then remembered that before I began as a hairdresser, I drove many miles to see my favorite hair-stylist that I loved. That made me realize that I needed to advertise not just locally, but throughout the entire region. I drove an hour to my favorite hair-stylist, so why wouldn't my customers? I held a great "new customer discount", and soon those new customers from neighboring cities became regular customers once they realized how much they loved my technique. I created this blog to help other struggling business owners. I hope you can learn from my experiences!


Don't Rely on Only Friends to Keep Your Salon Afloat

    Reputation Management: Steering Public Perception in the Hospitality Sector

    Crafting a stellar reputation is the cornerstone of success in the hospitality industry. A favorable public image can be the deciding factor between a business that thrives and one that simply survives. In this highly competitive sphere, public relations (PR) strategies are more than just damage control; they are crucial tools for shaping perception and cultivating loyalty. Understanding the Power of Public Image The first impression often sets the tone for a customer's entire experience.

    The Ultimate Guide to Selecting the Right Automated Partner Relationship Management Software for Your Business

    In today's fast-paced business world, building strong relationships with partners is essential for the success and growth of your company. To streamline and optimize these partnerships, many businesses are turning to automated partner relationship management (PRM) software. With an array of options available in the market, selecting the right PRM software can be overwhelming. This guide will walk you through the key factors to consider when choosing the perfect automated PRM software for your business needs.

    Boosting Your Online Impact: Proven Tactics For Effective Social Media Management

    Managing your business's social media presence in the digital age is akin to steering a ship across the vast ocean of online engagement. It can be a taxing voyage, navigating through a tumultuous sea of hashtags, likes, and shares while striving to keep a steady course toward your target audience.  This article offers insightful tips and proven tactics to bolster your online impact, streamline your social media management, and ensure your brand sails smoothly toward success.

    The 3 Keys To Product Label Design Adaptation

    If a company is bringing a product to market in even a couple of different regions, there's a good chance they'll need label design adaptation services. This is especially true when product sales cross cultural or political boundaries. Even within a very uniform society, a business may want product label adaptation to speak to specific demographics. Before you dive into product label design adaptation, though, it's wise to understand the three key components of the process.

    Why You Need A Social Media Management Service

    In the 21st century, your online presence can make or break you. If you don't have a strong digital presence, potential customers may not even know you exist. So how can you ensure that your business stands out? The answer is simple—you need a social media management service. Here's why this type of service is so important and how it can help solidify your digital presence. What a Social Media Management Service Brings to the Table

    How Holographic Security Seals Work

    Holographic security seals have been around since the 1990s, but their use has spread over time. If you run a business that deals with sensitive documents, you need a way to ensure your products are tamper-evident, or if you simply want to deter counterfeiters, a holographic seal might be your best bet. Hard to Tamper With If you need to secure important documents and provide evidence that they haven't been accessed by any parties other than your intended recipient, a holographic security seal can do just that.

    Everything You Need To Know About Email Marketing Campaign Management

    A well-executed email marketing campaign can be a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. Not only is email marketing one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available, but it's also one of the most effective ways to reach and engage your target audience. In order to be successful, however, email marketing campaigns must be carefully planned. Here's what you need to know. What is email marketing? Email marketing is the process of sending commercial messages electronically, usually in the form of newsletters, advertisements, or special offers, to a group of recipients

    Creating Labels for Your New Supplement Products

    Creating and selling supplements can be a lucrative venture for your business to pursue. In addition to making effective supplements, you will also need to ensure that the labeling for these products is of a high quality so that it is attractive to potential customers while also being compliant with regulatory requirements for nutritional and ingredient disclosure. Visually Striking Graphic Designs and Color If you are planning to sell your products in stores or other areas where the supplements will be placed near other competing products, distinctive and eye-catching labeling can be instrumental in raising the conversion rates for these products.